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Porsche Carrera Cup GB


We are pleased to say that Harbour Cars’ enthusiasm for motor vehicles does not stop at our showrooms. We are affiliated with the prestigious Porsche Carrera Cup GB and are the proud sponsors of top racing driver Michael Caine.

The Harbour Cars connection

Rob Langley met Michael Caine in the early 90s when they raced Volkswagens against each other. Michael and Rob both worked their way up through the motortrade and Michael has developed a career as a leading GT driver. He has 3 years at the front of the Porsche Carrera Cup and two works drives in the Le Mans 24 Hour race for TVR. In addition to the career highlights shown, Michael competes in many diverse series from historic races through to driving an M3 in the Britcar Championship.

Harbour Cars is proud to have an association with Michael and the Porsche Carrera Cup and you can keep up-to-date with the Carrera Cup results and follow Michael’s progress right here in 2010..................

Final Drivers Standings after Round 20 in  2010

1.Tim Harvey 370 points (Pro Champion 2010)

2. Michael Caine 360 points

3. Stephen Jelley 248 points

4. Glynn Geddie 227 points

5. Euan Hankey 210 points

6. Ollie Jackson 182 points (Pro Am 1 Champion 2010)

Michael Caine in the centre (nearly) smiles in the face of victory at Donnington Park with Tim Harvey to his left and Stephen Jelley

Donnington Park 19th September Race Report

Round 17

Michael Caine swept to a resounding victory in round 17 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Donington Park. With a commanding display, Caine trimmed another three points from Tim Harvey's title lead as Harvey ran home a clear second.

Caine (Motorbase Performance) got the jump at the start and fended off Harvey (Red Line Racing) over the first lap. "After the second lap it was all working properly and I needed to get the point for fastest lap as well," said Caine, as he pulled steadily clear. "It was quite simplistic, but it was quite hard to get past the backmarkers and I did lose some time passing them," said Caine.

Harvey accepted that he had no answer to Caine's pace. "His car looked absolutely awesome," said Harvey. "We were driving away from everyone else, but Michael just had that bit on me." In the wake of Caine and Harvey, there was plenty of action and it was Stephen Jelley (Team Parker Racing) who battled through to third after being hit in the rear during a first lap clash with Tom Bradshaw (JHR) at the chicane. However, early on it was Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing) who ran third with Michael Meadows (Red Line Racing) chasing hard. Into Redgate for the eighth time, Meadows attacked and the cars touched, which tipped Hankey into a spin and delayed Meadows.

Round 18

Michael Caine completed a perfect weekend by winning round 18. However, with Tim Harvey once again finishing second, Caine was only able to peg Harvey's title lead back to 19 points with two races left to run, despite points for 2 pole positions, 2 fastest laps and 2 wins for the weekend.

Caine topped a fine weekend for Motorbase Performance as his team mates Ollie Jackson and George Richardson won pro-am1 and pro-am2 respectively. With Caine earning the 'driver of the weekend' award and Motorbase being announced as 'team of the weekend', it was a memorable weekend for the Kent-based squad.

Caine got the jump at the start to head the field into Redgate and was able to stretch clear as Harvey (Red Line Racing) ran fourth behind Euan Hankey and Stephen Jelley from Team Parker Racing. That was how it stayed until lap eight when Jelley went for the inside at the chicane and spun as Hankey took the line. Harvey narrowly missed Jelley as he dived through to third and two laps later Harvey took second with a bold move around the outside of Hankey as they raced down the Craner Curves.

Once into second, Harvey recognised that Caine was just out of reach and Caine duly reeled off the remaining laps to complete his domination of the Donington weekend. "We had a great car this weekend," said Caine. "I've just got to win races and I think I can still win the championship when we go to Brands Hatch." Harvey was pleased to have worked from fourth on the grid to finish second and retain his position as title favourite. "I enjoyed the race and the car was better. I was always going to keep my foot in when I went down the hill side-by-side with Euan."

Michael Caine on his way to pole position at Knockhill.


Knockhill September 5th Race Report

Round 15

Tim Harvey scored one of the most important wins of his 2010 title campaign when he clinched round 15 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Knockhill.

Off the line, Caine (Motorbase Performance) got the lead as Harvey (Red Line Racing) settled into second place. Behind them, Glynn Geddie and his Team Parker Racing team mates Euan Hankey and Stephen Jelley battled for third and initially Geddie went after the two leaders.

On lap four, the fierce battle between Hankey and Jelley came to a head as they dived into Duffus Dip and contact pitched Jelley onto the grass. "It was a wild ride trying to get it stopped on the grass," said Jelley. While Hankey retired with a damaged radiator, Jelley rejoined well down the order and faced a tough race now that the car was missing its front splitter.

Up front, Harvey shadowed Caine for 15 laps and could easily have settled for a safe second place and important championship points. But Harvey had other ideas and saw where Caine was struggling before attacking on the run out of the Hai rpin to take the lead as they sprinted past the pits. Once ahead, Harvey steadily eased away for a very significant win. "That was about pride," said Harvey. "It would have been easy to follow Michael but I wanted to win for the team. It was a special win."

Caine accepted that he did not have the pace to re-challenge Harvey. "Out of the hairpin was a real struggle; the engine was flat and Tim just drove past me," said Caine who took a secure second place while Geddie bagged third after a strong drive on his home track. "After a few laps I was struggling for traction," said Geddie, as Charlie Bateman (Motorbase Performance) battled into fourth. "Hankey and Jelley made it easier for me, but I struggled in the last part of the race," said Bateman.

Round 16

Michael Caine won a dramatic round 16 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Knockhill to narrow the gap to championship leader Tim Harvey to 27 points with four races to run. 

Harvey rescued a potentially disastrous non-finish to claim fourth place after a trip through the gravel and into the tyre wall.

There was action from the start when a multi-car tangle at Duffus Dip on the first lap delayed Stephen Jelley and sent Karl Leonard, Liam Griffin, Jonas Gelzinis and Tautvydas Barstys to the pits. Although none of the cars were left at Duffus, there was coolant dropped on the track and that was to provide more drama when the leading pack arrived on lap two. Caine (Motorbase Performance) scrambled through but Harvey slid wide at the following Scotsman Corner and ran across the gravel and nudged the tyre wall. He then scrabbled out of the gravel trap and bounced over the grass before rejoining, but lost his front splitter in the process. Meanwhile, Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) followed Harvey through the gravel and the safety car was sent out to allow the marshals to treat the slippery track.

From the restart, Caine swept ahead as Charlie Bateman (Motorbase Performance) ran second from Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing). While Caine pulled away to score a resounding win, Bateman and Hankey battled all the way to flag and Hankey took second after making the decisive move into Clark on the 13th lap. "I just got my head down after the safety car and looked after the car," said Caine. "That was one for the team and a good birthday present for my mum," he said.

Hankey was delighted to be back on the overall podium after a strong race, while Bateman earned the 'driver of the weekend' award for his fighting third place. "It was a great result and I think I had the pace to beat him. But I made a small mistake and he got through," said Bateman. Remarkably, Harvey claimed fourth after running with team mate Michael Meadows (Red Line Racing) on his tail. "It's not often you go through the gravel, hit the wall, loose the splitter and flat spot the tyres and still finish fourth," said Harvey after a vital recovery drive in title terms.

Michael Caine leads Tim Harvey and the rest of the field to two Silverstone wins.

Silverstone August 22nd Race Report

Round 13

Michael Caine scored an emphatic victory in round 13 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Silverstone. While Caine dominated the race, Tim Harvey maintained his championship lead with second place as he scored his 100th Carrera Cup GB podium.

With fierce battling all the way down the superb 27-car field, Ollie Jackson (Addison Lee Motorbase) claimed another pro-am1 victory and Glenn McMenamin withstood race-long pressure to win pro-am2.

The biggest challenge to Caine (Motorbase Performance) came on the opening lap when he had a poor start and had to fight with Harvey (Red Line Racing) over the first two corners. Slight contact between the two cars left Harvey contending with tracking that was out of line and he struggled for pace. However, Caine was in stunning form and pulled clear at the head of the field to score a resounding win, his third of the season.

"I didn't get a very good start and had to brace it out on the first lap," said Caine. "But when I got my head down the pace was good," he said after stretching his lead to nearly seven seconds at the flag. Second place for Harvey was good for his championship bid, but over the final lap he had to fend off Stephen Jelley (Red Line Racing). "I'm pleased with the result but not with the pace," said Harvey. "When you can't take the win, you take the best you can."

Round 14

Michael Caine made it a perfect weekend by winning round 14 of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Silverstone. Caine had to fight ahead of Tim Harvey to make sure of victory, but a hard-earned second place keeps Harvey at the head of the title race with six races to run.

Harvey (Red Line Racing) made a great start from pole and went clear on the opening lap as Caine (Motorbase Performance) fended off Stephen Jelley (Team Parker Racing) to take second. But it was soon clear that Caine had exceptional pace as he closed in on Harvey and they ran nose-to-tail until lap nine when Caine saw his chance at Luffield and squeezed through into the lead.

Once ahead, Caine quickly built his lead while Jelley reeled Harvey in, as Michael Meadows (Red Line Racing) and Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) ran in Jelley's wheel tracks. Rather than try and go after Caine, Harvey had to concentrate on the growing challenge. Then, on lap 15 the safety car was deployed while Paul Mace's car was moved clear.

Caine shot clear again at the re-start, but Harvey now had a queue of cars behind him and spent the rest of the race under intense pressure. Jelley even dived ahead as they braked for Brooklands, but with the medical car on course after Richard Denny (Parr Motorsport) went off at Luffield, Jelley dropped back in behind Harvey until they cleared the incident. That was how they finished, with Jelley, Meadows and Geddie crossing the line in close formation behind Harvey.

However, Caine had been the dominant force of the weekend. "We just had the best car out there," said Caine. "It's a bit easier when your car is so good." Caine earned the 'driver of the weekend' award for his performance. Harvey had to fight to the line for second and the championship lead, while Jelley claimed another podium finish. "Our car was really good and we had the pace for second," said Jelley.

Snetterton August 8th Race Report

Round 11

Michael Caine scored a commanding win in round eleven of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Snetterton. Starting from pole position, Caine charged ahead from the start and was able to out-run title leader Tim Harvey to score his second win of the season.

"I got a cracking start," said Caine (Motorbase Performance). "I've not always started well this season, but I did one when it counted. The car from Motorbase was superb," he said after steadily easing away from Harvey (Red Line Racing) to score an emphatic victory. "I owed it to everyone to start the second half of the season with a win," added Caine.

Harvey always chased, but accepted that Caine had the better pace. "We set the car to come in a bit later in the race and I pushed to get the point for fastest lap," said Harvey after narrowing the gap mid-race. "Michael was very quick, so second place with fastest lap is only a one-point loss in championship terms."

A strong third throughout was Stephen Jelley (Team Parker Racing) and in the middle of the race he was able to match the pace of Caine and Harvey. "Then I flat spotted a front tyre going into the Esses and had to settle for third," said Jelley. Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) ran a strong but solitary fourth as Euan Hankey (Red Line Racing) fended off Charles Bateman (Motorbase Performance) in a race long battle for fifth.

Round 12

Tim Harvey made it 10 wins from 12 races in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Snetterton today (Sunday 8 August). However, a last lap moment left his margin of victory over Michael Caine at just five-hundredths of a second.

Having saved his best set of tyres for the second race of the day when he started from pole position, Harvey (Red Line Racing) got the jump at the start over Caine (Motorbase Performance) and led all the way. However, with both drivers at the top of their game, they were incredibly evenly matched and the gap was never more than two seconds. Then, in the closing stages, Harvey came up to lap a couple of slower cars and into Russell for the last time he ran wide over the kerbs. In an instant, Caine saw his chance and almost pulled up alongside on the sprint to the flag. The final margin was 0.054s, less than half a car's length.

"That was cutting it a bit fine," said a relieved Harvey. "I caught the backmarkers at all the wrong times and I ended up on the kerb. I just sneaked across the line." Caine thought Christmas had come early, but could not quite get level as they raced to the flag. "We were bang on the same pace," he said of his on-going battle with Harvey. Jelley (Team Parker Racing) completed a good weekend with another third place, but reckoned he would have been closer to Caine but for a handling problem that developed during the race. "To start with the car was fantastic, then I had a couple of big moments," said Jelley.

Croft June 20th Race Report

Round 9

Tim Harvey became the most successful driver in the history of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB when he scored his eighth win of the season and his 32nd career win at Croft. 

"It was all done at the start," said Harvey. "It's always crucial here as the first corner is so tight." While Harvey went immediately clear, second on the grid Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing) was squeezed wide at Clervaux and dropped to fourth as his team mate Stephen Jelley and Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) dived ahead. That set the tone for the race as Caine shadowed Jelley for lap after lap, but was never able to make a move on the former BTCC racer.

"The track was so dirty off line," said Caine of his problem in trying to pass Jelley. "If you went off line it took four corners to clean the tyres up." Ahead, Harvey was able to control the race and take a nicely measured victory. "Stephen was under pressure all race from Michael and I was just concentrating on tyre management," said Harvey. Jelley, meanwhile, had his best Carrera Cup finish so far with second place. "We're getting closer," said Jelley. "As long as I drove the slow stuff well I was going to be okay, but it was a tough race," said Jelley. Close to Jelley and Caine at the finish in fourth was Hankey.

Round 10

In front of a packed Croft crowd and live on ITV4, Harvey (Red Line Racing) once again made the start the decisive moment of the race as he out-dragged polesitter Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing) on the rush to the first corner. However, Harvey was not able to pull away as Hankey mounted a dogged pursuit as he fended off Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) and Stephen Jelley (Team Parker Racing).

In the early laps, there was little to chose between the leading trio, but as Caine launched his challenge on Hankey, Harvey got his chance to edge clear. Finally, on lap 12 Caine dived inside Hankey at Hawthorns and as they both oversteered through the corner, Caine came out ahead. However, their battle had made life easier for Harvey, who was nearly four seconds clear at the flag. "That was a bit harder and Euan was close at the start," said Harvey. "But I looked after my tyres at the start and I couldn't fault the car."

Caine clinched second, but was frustrated to see Harvey extend his championship lead. "Qualifying cost us," admitted Caine. "We had pretty much the same pace as Tim in the race." Hankey completed the podium, but team mate Jelley was right behind to complete a good weekend.

Oulton Park June 6th Race Report

Round 7

Tim Harvey was the big winn er in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Oulton Park today (Sunday 6 June) in round seven of the championship. With title rival Michael Caine off at the first corner, Harvey's victory became even more significant. 

The major drama came as the 27-car field stormed into the first corner. Both Caine (Motorbase Performance) and Harvey (Red Line Racing) made relatively slow starts and contact with Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) pitched Caine's car into a spin and it then went backwards into the tyre wall. "I got a big hit from behind," said Caine as his Oulton Park gremlins struck again. "The car just wouldn't restart, otherwise I'd have carried on." 

Harvey survived contact with Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing) at the first corner, and emerged from Old Hall in the lead. "I got my head down for the first four laps to take advantage of the new tyres and to try and get fastest lap," said Harvey. "I didn't realise until about lap five that it was Michael off at Old Hall." Later, Harvey was penalised three championship points and Geddie was penalised six championship points over the contact incidents.

Round 8

Tim Harvey completed a double Porsche Carrera Cup GB victory at Oulton Park today (Sunday 6 June) when he won a shortened round eight of the championship.

Harvey (Red Line Racing) was ahead, but under constant pressure from Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance), when the race was halted at 12 laps following an accident involving Steve Parish (Addison Lee Motorbase) and Alex Martin (GT Marques). With the circuit curfew time fast approaching, there was no time to restart the race.

Harvey got the jump off the line, but there was drama as the 27-car field headed for the first corner. Contact between the Team Parker Racing cars of Euan Hankey and Glynn Geddie sent Hankey's car spinning across the track and into the barriers on the left of the circuit. The other Team Parker Racing driver of Stephen Jelley had a miraculous escape as Hankey spun across in front of him. "I was just hard on the brakes; he came right across my nose," said Jelley.

That incident allowed Harvey and Caine to establish a small but important margin over the chasing pack. As ever, their cars were supremely evenly matched and they ran nose-to-tail for lap after lap as Caine looked for a way to dislodge his title rival. But any plans that Caine had for a late race bid were thwarted by the red flag with six laps to run. Harvey duly claimed his seventh win from eight races. "I can't afford to be complacent, but I'm very, very pleased to come away with two wins," said Harvey. "I did think I could have a go at Tim and I'd sized up a couple of places," said Caine. "The early finish is not what we wanted."

Brands Hatch May 2nd Race Report

Michael Caine shown left enters Paddock Hill bend at the start of round 5 he went on to dominate the race.
Round 5

Michael Caine was peerless in round five of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Brands Hatch today (Sunday 2 May) as he romped to victory in soaking conditions. Jonas Gelzinis (Juta Racing) drove a superb race to take his first pro-am1 victory, while Steve Parish (Addison Lee Motorbase) was equally impressive as he blitzed the pro-am2 category.

With steady rain falling, the 27-car field plunged into Paddock Hill Bend with Caine (Motorbase Performance) leading away from pole position and Tim Harvey (Red Line Racing) slotting into second as the pack ran cleanly around the opening lap. Caine was quick to press home his advantage and pulled clear at around a second a lap as Harvey consolidated second place. That set the standard for the race and Caine was able to build a 10-second lead as he romped to a commanding victory. "The car was fantastic and it was just a case of hanging on for the first five or six laps," said Caine after his first win of 2010. "We're pleased to get that first result."

Although Harvey ran a secure second race-long, he accepted that Caine had the advantage. "Michael was just the class of the field and I didn't have anything for him at all," said the championship leader. "I expected several safety cars and so initially I wasn't too concerned, but that never came." In fact, the standard of driving through the field was excellent in some truly challenging conditions and there was no need for a safety car.

Round 6

Harvey Leads Geddie & then Caine in the early part of Round 6 at Brands

Tim Harvey put himself back at the top of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Brands Hatch Sunday 2 May with an emphatic victory in round six of the championship. Ollie Jackson (Addison Lee Motorbase) was the class of the pro-am1 category while Paul Mace (GT Marques) took his first pro-am2 victory of the season.

Although still wet, the track was not as soaking as it had been for round five earlier in the day and Harvey (Red Line Racing) won the sprint to the first corner as a fast-starting Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) beat Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) away. That was a critical moment in the race, as Geddie's strong early pace took him right on to Harvey's pace and left Caine sitting in third.

For the first six laps, Geddie mounted a constant challenge on Harvey, but then as Caine got up to speed he was able to make it three-car train for the lead. With Caine starting to attack Geddie, Harvey was able to edge clear. On lap nine, Caine finally dislodged Geddie, but Harvey was now around three seconds clear.

"I just couldn't get the heat in the rear tyres at the start," said Caine. "Glynn was mega at the start and it was never going to be easy to get past him." Meanwhile, Harvey was able to maintain his margin to secure his fifth win from six races. "Glynn is always a challenger in the early laps of a wet race, but I was gradually able to concentrate on my own race," said Harvey, who leaves Brands with the same 12-point lead over Caine.

Michael on his way to a pair of second places at Rockingham

April 24-25th Rockingham Speedway Race Report

Round 3

Tim Harvey completed a hat-trick of early season race wins in the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Rockingham in round three of the championship. Harvey led from the start and fended off the challenge of Michael Caine to extend his championship lead.

Harvey converted his pole position into an opening lap lead and with Caine on his tail they quickly started to edge clear of Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing) who battled through to third in the opening laps. As ever, Harvey and Caine were very evenly matched and the gap was seldom more than a second. Harvey had the better pace initially, but Caine came back strongly mid-race and was close enough to run side-by-side with his rival into Deane Hairpin on lap 10. But Harvey stayed ahead and dealt with a late safety car period to win by just over half a second.

"I pushed quite hard early on," said Harvey. "But then I had to have a word with myself to tidy it up. Three wins on the trot is the best start to a season I've ever had in Carrera Cup." Caine felt that he had the pace to win, but the safety car didn't help his plans. "I think our car was better today, but there wasn't much in it," he said.

Hankey ran a secure third to score a hat-trick of podiums, while Jackson drove a fine race to take fourth and win pro-am1. For much of the race, Jackson was under pressure from Tom Bradshaw (JHR), but a rear puncture later sent Bradshaw into a brush with the wall at Turn One and the safety car was sent out while his stricken car was moved.

"Hankey got the break on me early on, so I was just sitting there looking after my tyres," said Jackson after a nicely measured drive. Under the safety car, Gilham was able to close up to Jackson, but it also brought Glynn Geddie (Team Parker Racing) up to Gilham's tail and at the re-start Geddie dived briefly ahead. "Geddie got a run on me and that cost me the chance to go after Jackson," said Gilham. Jonas Gelzinis (Juta Racing) completed the pro-am1 podium, with Ahmad Al Harthy (Red Line Racing) in fourth.

Round 4

"That's the best start I've ever had to a Carrera Cup season; we've all worked very hard for that and the guys in the Red Line team have done a great job," said Harvey, after extending his series lead to 12 points. Harvey led the field into the first corner and, despite the race-long presence of Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance), was able to control the race from the front to complete a clean sweep of victories.

Caine never quite felt he could challenge the leader as strongly as he had done in Saturday's race. "I struggled with the front of the car; we had a better car yesterday than we did today," said Caine. "There was a big scramble into the hairpin on the first lap and early on I had to defend from Glynn Geddie."

The first lap scramble included a big attack from Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing) who tried a bold move around the outside but spun. He rejoined at the tail of the field but further around the lap had to spin to avoid a pro-am2 tangle and ended his race in the gravel. Up front, Harvey and Caine edged clear as Geddie (Team Parker Racing) headed his team mate Stephen Jelley and Jackson. That was how they finished as Geddie and Jelley scored their best results of the season to date and signaled their intention to challenge Harvey and Caine over the coming races.


Caine Thruxton

Harbour Cars Driver Michael Caine on his way to two fastest laps, Michael came second in Round 1 and third in Round 2 at the 2010 opening weekend at Thruxton.



Tim Harvey got the Porsche Carrera Cup GB season off in perfect style at Thruxton today (Sunday 4 April) as he fended off Michael Caine to take the first victory of the season. In a race that delivered great battles all the way down the 25-car field, Tony Gilham stormed through to pro-am1 victory while Mark Hazell drove a fine race to win pro-am2.

With the cars running on a dry track for the first time all weekend, the opening race was all about tyre management over 21 laps of the notoriously abrasive Thruxton circuit. Harvey (Red Line Racing) got the jump over Tom Bradshaw (JHR) off the line and was able to move clear over the first three laps as Euan Hankey (Team Parker Racing) and then Caine (Motorbase Performance) edged Bradshaw back to fourth. "I pushed early then eased back to conserve the tyres," said Harvey.

Caine had to battle ahead of Hankey to get into second and did it with a bold around the outside into the chicane on lap five. Caine then set off in pursuit of Harvey and closed the gap to less than a second. That was how it ran for many laps as the two most experienced drivers in the championship matched each other's pace. "I knew Michael would have to push his tyres to catch me," said Harvey, who crossed the line with eight-tenths of a second in hand. Caine had been close enough to try a move into the chicane, but Harvey was not about to let his lead slip. "It was important to finish that one," said Harvey of the first of the year's 20 races.

Hankey ran a safe third and was elated to score the first overall podium finish for a Carrera Cup GB Scholarship racer. "I'm absolutely ecstatic," said Hankey. "I didn't know what to expect and it was so challenging. I didn't fight Michael Caine as I knew he was faster than me."

Round 2

Tim Harvey completed a superb double in round two of the Porsche Carrera Cup GB at Thruxton today (Sunday 4 April), but the victory came under constant pressure from championship newcomer Euan Hankey. Ollie Jackson claimed pro-am1 spoils, while Mark Hazell wrapped up a great weekend by winning pro-am2 for the second time. 

After 21 laps of the high-speed Hampshire track, at an average speed of almost 110mph, each of the three categories was decided by less than three-quarters of a second.

"If that's the pace that Euan has at this stage of the season, it's going to be hard work," said Harvey (Red Line Racing) after a fiercely competitive race. With Hankey (Team Parker Racing) as a constant shadow and Michael Caine (Motorbase Performance) going with them, the lead was always in doubt even though Harvey led from lights to flag. "Euan was all over me and kept me honest," said Harvey.

For his part, Hankey was elated to run so strongly on his debut weekend in the Carrera Cup. "I was pushing my hardest and I'm still learning," said the Carrera Cup Scholarship driver. He also had to contend with muscle pump-up in his right arm over the closing laps and concentrated on keeping ahead of Caine. Having watched Hankey's race from close quarters, Caine joined Harvey in congratulating the championship newcomer. Hankey was declared 'driver of the weekend' for his performances.

About the Porsche Carrera Cup GB

During 2009 the Porsche Carrera Cup GB was one of the most important race championships in Britain and was a major support race to the MSA British Touring Car Championship.

In 2010 the Carrera Cup in Britain will enter its seventh year still modelled on Porsche's long-established world-wide Carrera Cup concept. Equal cars, close and exciting racing and first-class facilities for teams and drivers all add to the strength of the championship.

  The latest 911GT3 Cup car offers drivers a mighty 420bhp, a sequential gearbox and a superb chassis. It is a purpose-built thoroughbred racer.

The successful pro-am1 category ensures that the less-experienced and non-professional racers can compete for their own points and prize money within the overall championship. Meanwhile, the pro-am2 category caters for 2006 and 2007 model cars and offers series newcomers the chance to sample the Carrera Cup on a restricted budget.

In total, the championship prize fund is almost £100,000. At the end of the season, three road-going 911s will be presented as the overall champion, the pro-am1 champion and the winning team principal in the team championship will all win the use of a Porsche 911 road car for a year.

Supporting the Carrera Cup GB will be an excellent TV package, with races covered in detail in a new series of Motorsport UK, which will be screened on ITV4. In addition, some races will feature within the extended live ITV4 coverage of BTCC race days.


Michael Caine’s Professional Racing Driver CV


  • 2010 Porsche Carrera Cup, 911 (997) GT3 – 2nd
  • 2009 Porsche Carrera Cup, 911 (997) GT3 - 4th
  • 2008 Porsche Carrera Cup, 911 (997) GT3 – 2nd
  • 2007 Porsche Carrera Cup, 911 (997) GT3 – 4th
  • 2006 FIA GT, Porsche 911 (996) RSR
  • 2005 British GT, Porsche 911 (996) RSR
  • 2004 Le Mans 24 Hrs, TVR Works Driver, TVR Tuscan R
    • American Le Mans 12 Race Series, TVR Tuscan R
  • 2003 Le Mans 24 Hrs, TVR Works Driver, TVR Tuscan R
    • American Le Mans 12 Race Series, TVR Tuscan R
    • British GT Championship, TVR Tuscan R
  • 2002 British GT Series, TVR Works Driver, TVR Speed 12 – 2nd
  • 2001 British GT Series, TVR Works Driver, TVR Speed 12 – 3rd
  • 2000 TVR Tuscan Championship – 1st Championship Winner
    • Voted Autosport Club Driver of the year
    • Signed up as TVR works driver after winning championship
  • 1999 TVR Tuscan Championship – Level winner on points but 2nd on race wins
  • 1998 Caterham SuperLight – 1st Championship winner
  • 1997 Caterham SuperSport – 1st Championship winner
  • 1996 Caterham K series – 1st Championship winner
  • 1995 Caterham 750 Motor Club – 1st Championship winner
  • 1994 Slick 50 Saloons, Class B – 1st Championship winner
  • 1993 Slick 50 Saloons, Class B – First season in Motorsport

Harbour Cars sponsors Michael Caine